As a parting gift, she often delivers explosive flowers to enemies who have truly inspired her. At the end of the day, you can play Shooting Star as a solo player in any Nests (except raid nest) at least level 7. 1 Description 2 Sniper Skills Available to Sharpshooters at level 45, the Sniper relishes the romantic side of battle. Not sure how to make a proper PVE Destroyer. 90 Technique Necklace or 93 Technique Ring. Sunset Training Ground Lab 12 Job: Sniper Song: Noise Canceller - EastNewSound. Dragon Nest M is a full 3D game, with 3D characters, the environment, and animations. Especially when the enemies is suffering from debuff. The gameplay can thus be somewhat demanding at the highpoints in the game, like massive boss fights or PvP. Thanks in advance. A decent chunk (around 10-15%) of your total damage. Sniper - Ranged DPS that is important as the backbone of the team's damage percentage. Boost (CD: 5 seconds) - Sorceress & Machina party buff that reduces cooldown of all skills by 8% and increases Final Damage by 8%. Techniques and Skill-up Crest Wind Shaft Sniper: Charged Shot +2: Must have. With a lengthy duration of 900 seconds, there is no worries that it expires fast. Skill-up Crest + [ Costume Weapon or 90/93 Technique Earrings ]. Nobody escapes her watchful eye as she fires arrows into the hearts of her opponents with deadly precision. However, the game did come out in 2018, so any never and decent Smartphone will have any problem with it. Understanding buff and debuff potential, PVE skill build, skill rotation and combo, heraldry build, talisman build, and costume build that will boost your attack. Siege Stance +1: Optional. Latest Update: July 2020 SEA Patch Gender: Female Features: Has the longest range in the game. Rain of Arrows +1: Recommended. Wind Shaft makes up around 60% of your total damage. Even though Eyedentity can’t get their act together and release all of the lv60 skill content right away, I’ve decided to post up this thread. lv70 build pending.. But after 10 years of Dragon Nest game online, I tried to create this class again for sure, so let’s mastering the Gladiator Dragon Nest class! Notes: A very helpful party buff that helps boost DPS by reducing skill cooldown as well as giving FD.The FD skill buff can go over the FD cap resulting in 108% if you have 100% FD. Gladiator is casting Finish Attack Ex. Well, this isn’t my first time using Dark Avenger, so I fully aware that this class has several changes in skill rotation, especially when Dragon Nest … Dragon Nest CN T4 Sniper Build Guide by perfecti. Back then, I still had no idea about building and skill combo, just play like an idiot without knowing about his real potential. So, welcome back again to my Dragon Nest guide, hope it gives you brief information about this class. A: For stage mechs that needs pushing objects, Saint doesn't have any other skill that would push an object as fast as possible, and an added range will gradually push an object farther than a basic level 1 holy kick, also good for kicking team mates trapped on the Guardian Nest's final boss mech. Playing again Dragon Nest at the year 2020. I’ll update it later when I’ll inevitably change my build with the release of new skills. If anyone can give a skill build and basic skill rotation that would be plenty. And you can build it as short as 1-2 weeks.
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