mechanical engineer; nuclear engineer; project manager; research and design manager; Gain the skills and work experience you'll need for a successful career designing and manufacturing mechanical systems, from micro machines to aircraft. Broaden your career prospects by combining your Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechanical) with a second degree in arts, commerce, science, health science, medical science, laws or project management. Take your place at the forefront of this diverse and challenging industry with degrees that emphasise technical and practical experience. Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the design of everything from combustion engines to air-conditioning systems and refrigerators. These programs typically include introductory and advanced courses in math, physics, mechanics, … Mechanical Engineers can design, build and maintain anything that moves – from engines and other parts that move planes, trains, and automobiles, to heavy industrial machinery, biomedical devices, space vehicles, wind turbines, autonomous systems, and other power generation equipment. Mechanical and Energy Engineering prepares students for a green future and the ever-growing fields of energy and sustainability. The Mechanical Engineering degree is built on a branch of engineering that is concerned with machines and the production of power, and particularly with forces and motion. They may be involved in product design and development, manufacturing, project management, power generation or other operations. Health, electronics, infrastructure, transport and more — we live in an engineered world. RMIT is a leader in mechanical and automotive engineering. Mechanical engineering is the most diverse of all the engineering disciplines, which means you'll be prepared for work in a range of areas including design, research and development and production. After you graduate, your professional skills will allow you to work with some of Australia’s biggest corporations as a Professional Engineer in the automotive, aeronautical, industrial, domestic, or transportation industries in modern mechanical technology, systems or specialist sales. Try going back to the main home page or come back later. Complete a bachelor degree in the field of engineering. Assessment Mechanical and automotive engineering. Mechanical engineering turns energy into power and motion. About 15% of all undergraduates major in mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering bachelor's degree has a strong foundation in math and science classes like calculus, differential equations, computer programming, physics, and chemistry. One of the broadest areas of engineering activity, mechanical engineers have a strong understanding of fundamental engineering science and mathematics and use this to design and maintain a wide range of machines and engineering systems. Mechanical Engineering addresses the analysis and development of technological systems involving motions, and permits humanity to harness the energy and forces that … In this major, you will study intermediate and advanced topics that will permit entry to a career in contemporary mechanical engineering and its future development. To become a Mechanical Engineer you are generally required to complete a degree in engineering with a major in mechanical engineering. They keep pace with technology and act as an interface between technology and society, playing an essential role contributing to the sustainable and future development of industry. In the first two years of your mechanical engineering degree, you will learn the fundamentals of engineering sciences, mathematics, engineering design, and engineering professional practice. Information is specific to the major/stream, please refer to the course for more information. As an incorporated engineer, you would specialize in the day-to-day management of engineering operations. Career outcomes. Coursework . See major requirements Mechanical engineers design, create, improve and maintain systems and machinery that are used for private and commercial purposes. This will usually be a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering). The ME core then introduces … You can study engineering by completing a bachelor's degree after high school. This major/stream is part of a larger course. What Mechanical Engineering Degree Programs Teach. Mechanical engineers are creative inventors who specialize in developing, designing and perfecting mechanical devices. The Engineering Science major is your pathway to the Master of Professional Engineering and a global career as an accredited engineer. With a mechanical engineering degree you’ll also be in high demand within the military, contributing to the design, construction and repair of military vehicles and equipment. Our students benefit from courses that are underpinned by our … Obviously, mechanical engineering is the most straightforward career path for a student who majors in mechanical engineering. Robots can defuse bombs, deactivate mines and explore shipwrecks—and it’s all made possible by mechatronic engineering. When you combine this with the fact that mechanical engineers are in demand in almost every sector, play your cards right and you may end up as one of the most employable graduates around. Possible careers. It focuses on the core task of Mechanical Engineers - devising new and better ways to extract mechanical power from heat and use that power to perform useful tasks. For this, you will need a minimum ATAR of 80.00, and to maintain a weighted average mark (WAM) of 60 per cent to qualify for entry into the Master of Professional Engineering. Refer to the Bachelor of Engineering Award for details.
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