Sigh. Arnica montana extract is an extract of dried flowerheads of the plant, Arnica montana. Indeed, it is an emulsifying/thickening agent and may have some emollient attributes – but that’s all folks! Well, after one week of consistent use with what little (and I had very little) sample I had – I did, in fact, notice a difference in my skin. Expert Reviews. So I’m not exactly sure if this was a calculated move or another mislabeling/typo on Sunday Riley’s end. Does not offer any overall benefit with respect to claims. Good Genes Glycolic penetrates the surface of the skin with tiny glycolic acid molecules, sinking deeper into the skin than other forms of AHA, to break apart pore-clogging debris and repair the look of sun-damaged, congested, wrinkled, or dull skin. Do you have fine lines and wrinkles? Add To Cart. Before we begin with the good and the bad — I want to first state that I’ve used this product off and on since its initial launch. Bottom line: Multifaceted extract with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin whitening, and emollient capabilities to name a few. Poorly absorbed itself but effective in allowing the active ingredient of choice to penetrate quickly. Yet, the actual chemical composition of arnica remains largely dependent on the extracted part of the plant – be it flower, root, etc. Mit einem ph-Wert von 2,6 laut Hersteller ist Good Genes als Peeling hochwirksam und deutlich saurer als die meisten frei verkäuflichen Produkte. It is often used as a skin-conditioning agent, emulsifying agent, and binder. Share; Tweet; I’m a bit of beauty product junkie (job hazard!) But one of THE most interesting (and relevant) studies conducted was in 2016, which investigated the capacity of lactic acid bacteria to increase the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cactus stems – in the form of lactic acid fermentation. All of the initial (and continued) feeling of flabbergast aside, Sunday Riley Good Genes is described as a "serum" that contains 40% p Here to offer scientific insight on beauty. Free Shipping and Gift With Purchase for orders over $50. The TEA was often varying concentrations but I remember it having a very strong smell. And knowing how LONG it often takes for non-medical grade or non-therapeutic grade products to not only saturate the skin – but to also provide any significant immediate result to any consumer. Bottom line: Lactic acid helps with skin moisture and creating smooth, less wrinkled skin. Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. I’ll keep checking your blog . Since Sephora is likely to have extracted the ingredients list straight from Sunday Riley’s packaging – I’d likely point the obvious fumble to the company itself. . To say I was a convert would hardly be true. Skincare that is Powered by Science and Balanced by Botanicals, for total skin improvement and wellness. Peg-75 meadowfoam oil is a PEG derivative of Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil – a mixture of meadowfoam glycerides and fatty acids from the oil. Wow! SUPERSTARS KIT; POWER COUPLE KIT; C.E.O. With just one use, instant radiance and skin clarity are visibly boosted. Add To Cart. My skin is still trying to recover from the damage UFO left. Yessss! And it is safe to say this question is certainly warranted as studies have indicated FARs to cause contact dermatitis allergies. Bottom line: Other than the obvious that this is a preservative and its primary goal is to prevent microbial growth in the product. Who doesn’t love that? Yuck! Bottom line: Essential oil rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds possessing anti-inflammatory, antifungal antimicrobial, antidandruff, and anticarcinogenic, and antioxidant properties. What they determined was that the aloe vera extract was a naturally effective means to improve skin hydration upon application and complemented any treatment against dry skin. In a 2012 publication, evaluation of nanostructured systems containing surfactants (alkyl PEG/PPG ethers) relative to oleic acid was assessed. 198778 loves. Deeply exfoliates the dull surface of the skin for instant glow and radiance. Current concentration use in cosmetics based on a CIR assessment has indicated that phenoxyethanol may be used at a range of ≤ 0.0002% to 1%. 1.7 oz/ 50 mL. In a Cosmetic Ingredient Review assessment performed in 2003, dimethicone (just like cyclomethicone) is poorly absorbed into the skin due to its large molecular weight. Like so many quests, it’s not the destination, but what you learn along the way that matters. As dull, dead surface cells are removed, clarity and smoothness is restored. 15013 loves. Your email address will not be published. Visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. Since there haven’t been widespread complaints about skin irritations – I would venture to bet it is likely less than 20%. In fact, reports have indicated that extracted fructans may even be linked to appetite regulation and lipid/glucose metabolism. So after trying all my normal “holy grail” standbys, I decided to give Sunday Riley products another chance. The Sunday Riley Good Genes All In One Lactic Acid Treatment claims “deeply exfoliates the full surface of the skin for clarity, radiance, and younger-looking skin. Either way, I could not find any solid data or research that would contribute to the benefits of this component added to the formulation relative to the overall effects to its claims. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum. At least for me! In 1988, a report studied female patients who suffered dermatitis and found that single and repeated patch tests used to evaluate human skin irritation and sensitization potential of up to 20% glyceryl stearate showed the ingredient to be non-sensitizing and non-irritating. Expert Reviews Community Reviews Claims Ingredients Brand Overview. In fact, in a 2012 study, a slew of ingredients known for allergic reactions was tested on 147 patients. 1 oz/ 30 mL. A 2016 study, investigated the therapeutic effects/mechanism of action of A. montana flower methanol extract against both inflammation and oxidative stress in a collagen-induced arthritis rat model. In any case, if they were truly looking to indicate lemongrass oil as one of their ingredients relative to the overall cosmetic effect of this product—then let’s begin by examining it – shall we? High potency, purified grade lactic acid:  Revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. Gentle enough for various skin types, this anti-aging treatment is formulated with purified grade lactic acid that works to clear skin and produce natural collagen. The bad: As much as I want to keep buying this product for the rest of my life – the frugal and sensible side of me feels like (in the long run) more research needs to be done on alternative finds that can provide similar if not as equally potent as Sunday Riley Good Genes. So off I went with my sample in tow – laughing at the prospect that this expensive tester would actually do anything to improve my skin or have any effect. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in cosmetic products. Some sing its praises – while others demonize its various problems. How To: Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. A multipurpose, lactic acid treatment that creates a more radiant-looking complexion. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are both members of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) family, a group of exfoliants that dissolves the “glue” that holds skin cells together so they can slough off. Items listed above are currently saved to your temporary wish list! Glyceryl stearate is part of the glyceryl monoester or monostearate family – composed of a glycerin component and fatty acid component. 1.7 oz/ 50 mL. But whether you subscribe to the frenzy or somehow stumbled upon the results of their skincare marketing and branding strategy – one thing is clear, Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment is a force to be reckoned with. Some sites have speculated that the actual percentage may range from 5-10% relative to its actual pH. Other than that – I’m a big fan of this little guy packing a big punch to my skincare regimen. I’m not really sure why Sunday Riley actually listed both ingredients together. What we know about AHAs, is this – it has been shown to moisturize the skin, make it smoother and create less wrinkled skin surfaces. Thank you for the kind words, Gabby! A lot has been said about this lactic acid product. SIZE: 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Standard size. Since data on steareth-20 itself is fairly limited if at all – I’ll mainly comment on alkyl PEG/PPG ethers as a whole. In my opinion, you’re getting what you pay for. Shop Now: Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, $92 ($122 value) Our beauty editors have written about this extremely effective and universally beloved product a … Both! And saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid and/or stearic acid increase it. It somehow brightens a dull complexion, which I tend to have. Do you want INSTANT RESULTS? Stearic acid is a saturated long-chain fatty acid found in various animal and plant fats. What they ultimately found was that the oily phases changed mechanically – demonstrating adhesive properties in combination with these thermodynamically-stable microemulsions from the alkyl PEG/PPG ethers. More details... 484 reviews - 5 out of 5 stars. A study in 1996 evaluated alpha-hydroxy acid products, containing low (5%) and high (12%) concentrations to determine whether concentration levels modulate changes in both the epidermis and dermis. We think you would enjoy using Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. VITAMIN C SERUM; TIDAL; C.E.O. A lot of hype and general excitement just seems to circulate around the Sunday Riley products overall. Nerd note: During my days while working on the bench (lab) – I often used TEA in a buffer (solution) and then slowly adjusted the pH of that either with some sort of acid or base accordingly. That’s not to say that future research or ongoing research will not point to agave as a plant source capable of providing skincare benefits. Maybe it will…. e. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our site. A study in 2008, investigated the dermatological effects of cosmetic formulations containing saccharomyces cerevisiae extract in collaboration with vitamins A, C, and E. What was observed was that the saccharomyces cerevisiae extract with vitamins formulation actually enhanced skin moisture and long-term effects with improved texture. But see in the above header for the correct spelling. Well, a study in 2006 decided to evaluate that exact question – where they examined the effect of cosmetic formulations containing different concentrations of freeze-dried Aloe vera extract on skin hydration. I’m still unsure of the correctness of those sites though. Does that mean it includes aloe+yeast? You are amazing, thanks for this great and thorough review. Eine US-Version, die seit Jahren die altbewährte Formel der Milchsäure enthält, und eine neue Version für den EU-Markt, die aber auf Glykolsäure setzt. When extracted, the seed oil of meadowfoam contains glucolimnanthin, a methoxylated benzylglucosinolate whose degradation products are herbicidal and anti-microbial. t: Ugh. But how is this ingredient relevant to me?! Triethanolamines (TEA) are used as wetting agents in shampoos, lotions, creams, and other cosmetics. Just to be clear we are talking about this: However, with respect to this review, it has been most notably used for its skin whitening, skin depigmentation, anti-aging, emollient, anti-acne, and photoprotection effects. Do you have dark spots and discolorations? If the steep price still gets to you — head into your local Sephora and ask for a small sample – but the minuscule amount they provide would hardly provide sufficient time to truly test the worth of this product on your skin. In addition, various studies indicate that Cymbopogon citratus possesses various pharmacological activities such as antifungal, antidandruff, antibacterial, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. The bio-chelated blend composing of six different minerals (containing silicon, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and calcium) – all obtained in the form of Saccharomyces cerevisiae extracts separately. prickly pear) – confirming the presence of bioactive antioxidant components. Whether it be it from cuts or burns, from healing a nasty sunburn or just ingesting it for digestion issues – it’s used for just about everything! Value size. One of the reasons this ingredient has been included in cosmetic formulations is due to its moisturizing properties and its antimicrobial capabilities. If the folks at Sunday Riley can explain to me WHY (from a scientific perspective) this is used – I’d genuinely like to know. So why use it? But somehow Sunday Riley has successfully marketed its products really well. It really has no clinical benefits or skincare benefits. Sounds good to me! Tracy’s more precise pH meter pinned it down to 2.58, which sounds right to me. Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless, silicone-based cosmetic solvent that is frequently used as a vehicle or carrier of oil-soluble moisturizing products. Phew! Ok, the claims as detailed on the Sephora website since Sunday Riley did not have a proper website at the time of this post — c’est la vie. Sunday Riley GOOD GENES All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment (1.7 oz.) Concentration is important with this baby. Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment. 4.30 out of 5 stars (72 reviews) SUNDAY RILEY. I could not for the life of me; find anything remotely clear, useful, or scientific to the benefits of using this orchid extract. I suppose when research is available and points to positive outcomes relative to specific ingredients – the beauty industry listens! oz. I’m a newbie (and a bit of a skin care-skeptic), and one who’s too lazy to Google things about every single ingredient in every product. Spotted: Saccharomyses Cerevisiae (Yeast) Extract – another typo either on Sephora’s website end or Sunday Riley’s labeling end. Containing ultra-pure, formaldehyde-free glycolic acid to help revitalize the appearance of dull, sun-damaged skin, Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment from Sunday Riley is an essential addition to your skincare routine. ; The $105 lactic-acid product, which will soon cost $85, is also being reformulated to make sure the product is "as sustainable and clean as possible," the brand's namesake founder Sunday Riley said in a press release sent to Elite Daily. Could it be that the first time I used it, I truly said, "Wow," out loud? I mean it was awful. The Opuntia (Cactaceae family) species – more specifically, the cactus pear fruit has been considered a functional food; based on its bioactive compounds such as vitamin C and vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoid compounds (e.g., kaempferol, quercetin, and isorhamnetin). I just don’t get it. Natural sun-blockers! However, we do not know the actual concentration amount of lactic acid formulated in Good Genes product. Unsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid and linoleic acid suppress melanogenesis (the process of melanin production and distribution) and tyrosinase (a key enzyme that acts in the initial step of melanin biosynthesis) activity. The best way to utilize this serum is to use it after you’ve completed your cleansing routine – morning and night. 3K reviews. The function of cyclomethicone in cosmetics is reported to have emollient and humectants capabilities may be used as a solvent, provides viscosity control to a formulation, and is used in hair conditioning. Known for its skin-conditioning and anti-aging capabilities. Finally, from the research I performed to determine WHY this would even be remotely beneficial, I came up empty. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root (also known as licorice root) is actually a herb used traditionally in medicine to relieve ailments (such as bronchitis, allergies, sore throats, etc). for $ 105.00. SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel Andrea James. is an emollient ester that was deemed as a safe ingredient to use in products per a safety assessment conducted in 1980 per the CIR panel. In fact, licorice actually contains a variety of bioactive compounds, such as flavonoids, amino acids, starches, and sugars; which affect its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant punch! Bottom line: It is a skin-conditioning agent, emulsifying agent, and binder – with a strong anti-oxidative capacity to thwart UV damage to the skin. Bottom line: Cyclomethicone is a conditioning agent or emollient/humectant agent. ITEM 1929231. Hmmm, aloe PLUS saccharomyces cerevisiae extracts under fermentation states?! This solvent is an interesting ingredient in that it evaporates fairly quickly – allowing the active ingredient (or ingredients) of choice to do its thing and readily absorb. Sunday Riley's Good Genes is a must-have favorite of mine and is in my top 5 favorite skin care products that I stock up on all year long! Ahhh where do I start with Good Genes? Find in store. Peg-100 Stearate is a polyethylene glycol (PEG) ester of stearic acid – also known as PEG stearates. If you dig real deep and take each individual ingredient that may promote some sort of skin-beautifying purpose of the skin surface – then their claims would be true. The hunt for a Good Genes dupe Lactic Acid Class Photo. This goes against good scientific beauty practice of applying light to heavy-based products onto the skin, with oil serums being on the heavier side and generally recommended as last. That’s a relief – right? Most monoglyceryl monoesters have several functions in cosmetics, but the most common function of the ingredients is a skin-conditioning agent; a few are reported to function only as a surfactant. This initially intrigued me. Yet, some have been skeptical at the actual percent of lactic acid included in the formulation. Many of the ingredients listed in Good Genes seem to sing the same song – and that is they offer some form of potential for an allergic reaction. Sunday Riley - Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. Instantly plumps the look of fine lines and wrinkles in 3 minutes.” That is exactly what it says on the front of the bottle. With continued use, the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation and the visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. We would recommend Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment to effectively remove your dead surface skin cells. Current concentration use in cosmetics based on a. has indicated that phenoxyethanol may be used at a range of ≤ 0.0002% to 1%. Quick Look. Not one bit. It is quite possible that the folks at Sunday Riley may have added small amounts of formaldehyde in the formulation of Good Genes in order to prevent contamination or bacterial growth. 30ml - SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment - 30ml. Ok, let’s parse this baby to its bare bones based on its ingredients: High potency, purified grade lactic acid:  Immediately exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells. But this particular emulsifying agent is a fatty alcohol combination blend and has been known to have emollient/skin softening capabilities. Required fields are marked *. How interesting! This content comes from a time before Sunday Riley actually had their own website! “A clarifying, line smoothing lactic acid treatment.”, “Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment is formulated with high potency, purified grade lactic acid that immediately exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. There is obviously no evidence that can support their combined claims. Whatever your opinion is on this product, I do think it’s worth a try. Bottom line: It’s a stabilizer used to thicken the product. I could only vouch for myself with this claim. Generally speaking, the flower and root are the most pharmacologically active compounds – composed of sesquiterpene lactones, thymol derivatives, flavonoids, acid polysaccharides, and their glycoconjugates. Add to favorites Size. I went from having oily/combination skin (living in Boston) to dry and slightly scaly – overnight! However, there have been various reported cases of allergic contact dermatitis and contact eczema caused by butylene glycol. We all know that aloe is one of those historical ingredients that have long since been used to soothe and nourish the skin. The swab was labeled as having 82% ethanol and water as the only ingredients. Meine Teststreifen messen nicht so exakt, daher kann ich nur bestätigen, dass der ph-Wert bei maximal 3,0 liegt. I purchased the Sunday Riley UFO oil and I read a lot of articles that said their skin was just purging for weeks and that’s what I thought my skin was up to. But most importantly, TEA functions as a surfactant or pH adjuster and often as a skin-conditioning agent. And that is simply – how much are you getting? Lemongrass oil has also been evaluated for its protective effects relative to DNA damage – indicating that it is a potential as an anticarcinogenic ingredient. Meadowfoam oil, itself, has been to shown to exhibit exceptional oxidative stability – making it a desirable ingredient often used in cosmetic products. Free shipping on orders over £50* PRODUCT DETAILS. But even if you technically take each ingredient for its face value research-based data separately – whether that evidence is applicable to their claims (again) synergistically remains to be seen. There is an abundance of information circulating around the blogosphere and academic arena with respect to lactic acid. Your email address will not be published. In fact, human sebum also contains 13% squalene as one of its major constituents – offering protection to skin’s lipids as natural sun blockers – at high levels. Once a week, the night before I tan my face, I apply Good Genes and let it work its magic! It is yet another emulsifier in a LONG army of emulsifying agents included in the list of Good Gene ingredients. Whether it’s truly substantiated – remains to be seen. Bottom line: Extract with enhanced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. Especially when there are gentler preservative options and antimicrobial options. In fact, most recently in 2017, the same safety panel decided to re-evaluate and assess caprylic/capric triglyceride based on current clinical and animal data. Bottom line: Functions as surfactants, skin-conditioning agents, or emulsifying stabilizers and provides stability at acidic pH conditions. A 2010 analytical study, evaluated the antioxidant constituents in cactus pear fruits and found that quercetin and isorhamnetin were the main flavonoids detected. £70.00. Why does the Sunday Riley website say to use the Luna oil BEFORE Good Genes?? GOOD GENES; LUNA; C.E.O. This root extract packs a lot of punch! Value size. Input your search keywords and press Enter. More specifically, I decided to try the Sunday Riley Good Genes & Luna Sleeping Night oil duo. And although the combination of the two seems to provide some sort of mysterious synergistic effect – I really can’t get over how EXPENSIVE this tiny little product is! And within a week of consistent usage, my skin actually showed a significant change in its texture, its radiance, and its buoyancy! Larger molecule than glycolic acid, meaning it doesn't sink in as deeply into the surface of the skin for a gentler experience, Glycolic Acid is a smaller molecule than lactic acid, meaning it goes deeper into the surface of the skin. on several popular beauty retailer websites. SIZE: 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Standard size. Bottom line: There is no specific property, which stands out that may as provide benefit in substantiating anyone relevant claim. The plant itself has been used historically for a host of ailments to alleviate pain, inflammation, and tissue healing. Again, since Sephora is likely to have extracted the ingredients list straight from Sunday Riley’s packaging – I’d likely point the obvious fumble to the company itself. Love, love, love Sunday Riley and I am a skincare junkie that has tried most high end and money saver skin care products but this is a must have. 1.7 oz. Leider ist es inzwischen so, dass es zwei verschiedene Varianten des Good Genes Serums gibt. Do you have dark spots and discolorations? Bottom line: Emollient ingredient derived from coconut and palm oil. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment. It wasn’t very consistent, as I didn’t initially find the product to be that effective when it came to improving the texture or tone of my skin.
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