Lily pads on Perry's Baby Red  Hardy Waterlily are green. This pure white water lily has medium sized flowers that stand out in any water garden pool or tub garden, small or large. Lily Pons Waterlily was named after the famous opera star, Miss Lilly Pons. Fertilize your water lily monthly! Hardy lilies if they ever would perish in winter are more likely to do so from stress of being overgrown and without any sunlight for a lengthy period where snow builds up over the ice above the plant for weeks on end. Attraction great for cut flowers. White Hot Hardy Waterlily is a medium to large waterlily with the most striking color from deep sunset pink at the base to nearly white on... Plant description Virginalis Waterlily Pure Innocence and Elegance with Virginalis Waterlily! You guessed it: green. 99 $15.99 $15.99 New Water lily Collection for sale. Blooms on this exciting hybrid... Plant description Moondance Waterlily also known as Moon Dance, is an AWARD WINNING, hardy waterlily with large, creamy-white blooms and green pads! Most Tropical Water Lilies can survive all year in zones 9 and 10. Do not use Lightweight organic compost or potting mix as this will float out of the container and not keep your water lily planted. Plant description Mangala Mangala Ubol Hardy Waterlily has fabulous, large, creamy-yellow to sweet-peach colored blooms that are held high above the green pads. They produce magnificent blooms from Spring into late Fall. Water Lilies (Nymphaea) We grow both Hardy (perennial) and Tropical (annual) water lilies for ponds and water features of all shapes and sizes. 99 $15.99 $15.99 HARDY WATER LILIES Your water garden is not complete without at least one of these exquisite pond plants. DO NOT cover the crown of the water lily with soil or gravel. Ellisiana Red Hardy Water Lily Plant Description Ellisiana is a delightful red, hardy waterlily that is small to medium in size. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Read more. This hardy waterlily combines peachy-reds and yellows for sumptuous shades of apricot, peach and pink! In the early 1990's we developed a passion for water gardens. We have water lilies ranging from Lotus, Marginals, Tropical water lilies, and Hardy water lilies. slider closed. The 4 - 5 inch pads of Ellisiana are green and oval in shape with a hint of red in the pads. Formerly  misspelled* as "Mangkala Ubol" Hardy Waterlily grows and blooms beautifully... Plant description  Hermine Hardy White Waterlily is an exquisite white waterlily that was hybridized in 1910 by Latour-Marlaic. WaterLily is a portable river turbine loved by paddlers, campers, and off-gridders around the world. The flower has outer petals in beautiful shades of orange and apricot while the center petals are a delicious shade of lemon chiffon! Sunfire Waterlily is a medium to large waterlily with a 3 -... Starbright Hardy Waterlily is a striking plant with stunning, off-white, star shaped blooms that contrast beautifully with the dark-green, mottled pads. Enjoy this vintage waterlily, a standout in any pond or... Plant description Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily has rich, rosy-red color with lighter outer petals. The blooms are lush and full and is complemented with attractive green pads. All hardy waterlilies are day bloomers. Potted Bog/Marginal Pond Plant - White Rain Lily White Rain Lily, or Zephryanthes candida, White Rain Lily, or Zephryanthes candida, is one of most delightful white splashes of color along any pond's edge. Hardy water lilies have the benefit of coming back each year where most Tropical Lilies will only comeback if they are in warmer climates. This is a medium-large sized specimen and is suitable for... Plant description  Lemon Meringue Waterlily Lemon Meringue Hardy Waterlily is an Award Winning waterlily by award winning hybridizer, Tony Moore, and one of the waterlilies in our Pom Pom Series.. We offer a wide variety of pond and water garden plants to choose from. Wholesale Distributor Pond Plants & Water Lilies. In addition to adding character to your water garden, these plants also reduce algae growth, while large water lilies provide shade and … Did you scroll all this way to get facts about miniature water lily? Doing so may kill your water lily. Purchase your water lilies as bare rooted rhizomes and we’ll ship them to anywhere in Australia (Except Tasmania – due to quarantine restrictions)! We are growing hundreds of the Paranee Waterlilies for the 2020 season and we do not feel we will sell out of this particular water lily, or it should at least be available for some...  Plant description  Citrus Twist Waterlily is a HEAVY BLOOMING, hardy waterlily that blooms profusely!Citrus Twist Hardy Pink Waterlily is blush pink with a hint of sunshine over the petals, yellow-gold centers and lightly mottled pads. Petals are perfectly shaped and Clyde Ikins Waterlily forms exquisite, perfectly shaped... Plant description Prakisad Waterlily is a medium sized waterlily with stellate, scrumptious, coral-peach to orange blooms and incredible, red, mottled pads.  This is probably the heaviest blooming hardy water lily and one of the best looking!The beautiful flowers along with the mottled pads make an exciting combination on the Prakaisad Hardy Waterlily. ... Plant description Gonnère Waterlily is rich in appearance with sumptuous, full, cup shaped, double blooms in crisp- white. Most Tropical Water Lilies can survive all year in zones 9 and 10. Tropical water lilies have a wider selection of colors to choose from and most have a larger spread than hardy water lilies. Tropical (Annual) vs Hardy (Perennial) Plants, Midlevel Pond Plants (Ok at 6 inches of water or more), Filtering Excess Nutrients with Pond Plants, Planting Products, Fertilizer, Containers. The 5 inch blooms on Marliacea Albida are cup shaped and sumptuous in pure white with classic green pads. Here at Country Gardens we specialize in water gardens. Hardy water lilies are available in white, red, pink, yellow, changeable, peach/orange, and more colors coming up each year. Pinterest. The crown of the water lily (the growing end) should be placed towards the center of the planting container. Doing so may kill your water lily. The most common miniature water lily material is metal. Planting Hardy Water Lilies: Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily has stellate shaped, red flowers that are about 4 inches across. Sale Items (140) Snails & Tadpoles (3) Submerged Plants (16) Tropical Lilies (29) Tropical Bog plants (30) Home / Hardy Water Lilies. This spectacular beauty adds another dimension... Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily Plant Description Laydekeri Fulgens Hardy Waterlily is a lovely, red, waterlily that is small-medium in size and spread. DO NOT cover the crown of the water lily with soil or gravel. © 2020 Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Most hardy water lilies are perennials in zones 3-10. Their classic flowers are big, beautiful and evoke Japanese water garden ambiance. A HEAVY BLOOMER that is sure to please!Lots and lots of these lovely blooms all summer long until frost! Tropical (Annual) pond plants versus Hardy plants, Perennial (Winter Hardy) Water Lily Cultivars, Artificial Waterlilies & Lotus (Ponds with large koi or special events), Imitation / Silk Waterlilies for events and weddings, Items currently out of stock & special order items, Lotus Flowers for sale - Sold Out for 2020 but returning in 2021. Lotus Flower Seeds for Home Planting Ornamental, Mixed Pink & Red Flower, Can Purify Water and Air, Aquatic Plant for Courtyard, Hotel, Goldfish Pond, Water Lily Seeds 4.0 out of 5 stars 120 $9.99 $ 9 . It is important you choose your state when you enter our store the first time & the site will automatically hide any invasive species not allowed by law in your state. The night- blooming varieties will open an hour or two before sunset and remain open as late as noon even on a cloudy day.  For best performance plant tropical water lilies in at least a 2 gallon or larger plant container with a generous amount of heavy garden soil. The Waterlily Gardens are New Zealand's largest grower of perennial water lilies for sale, supplying bare-rooted water lilies to New Zealand, at wholesale prices. Established in 1978, we started as a greenhouse and nursery growing our own annual, perennials and holiday crops. Search for plants by entering key words and phrases, specific characteristics, or both, then click on the "Search" button. Lotus Plants / Lotus Flowers,
shipped seasonally March - early May. Fertilize monthly to reach maximum blooming potential!  Depth should be maintained between 6″ and 18″ when first transplanted, and then once established they can be grown from 12″ to 30″ depending on the variety.      The foliage is spectacular as well... Plant description Gloriosa Waterlily is a STUNNING, splendid, red, hardy waterlily with cup shaped blooms that are 3 - 5 inches across. The outer petals of Gloriosa are a lighter red with unique striations. Please view the 'Information & Guides' section for planting information on all water garden plants, instruction videos, and shipping information. You can buy water lilies and pond plants by mail order from our nursery in Dorset. Native Plants & Arrowheads, water garden plants, Overstock Sale Items / Clearance pond items, Shelf Plants, Bog Plants, Shallow water aquatic plants, Submerged Oxygenating Pond Plants, Anacharis, Hornwort, Vallisneria, Water Lilies for Natural & Earth Bottom Ponds, Landon Waterlily Fertilizer: The Best from The Best. Welcome to Wonderful Water Lilies … where you may select tropical aquatic plants for the home pond. This is a beautiful, free-flowering addition to your water garden--Gloriosa has red blooms and green pads. Gloriosa Waterlily... Sunfire Waterlily Sunfire Waterlily is adorned with sumptuous peach  outer petals and lemon yellow inner petals that give this marvelous, hardy waterlily a delectable look! There are 188 miniature water lily for sale on Etsy, and they cost $17.02 on average. We make it easy to buy water lilies that are perfect for your pond. Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily is a vintage hybrid that was introduced in the late 1800's. Adds a wonderful color contrast to the other colored water lilies... click here to read more Dark green lily pads spread 4 to 6 feet to provide surface cover. Make Offer - Sale 40Pcs Lotus Flower LotusS Seeds Aquatic Plants Lotus Water Lily Seeds Small Yellow Water Lily 3 Plants Aquatic lilies … Citrus Twist adds beauty to any pond setting. Citrus Twist is another excellent hybrid from award winning hybridizer,... Lava Walk Hardy Waterlily is a medium sized, hardy waterlily that is free flowering. The blooms on the 'Awesome' Hardy Waterlily are quite large and have crinkly, peach petals with yellow, sun-kissed centers on this spectacular hybrid! Full Service Water Garden Natural Pool Plants. This is a shy bloomer and does not... Plant description Strawberry Milkshake Hardy Waterlily Thirst quenching color on Strawberry Milkshake Hardy Waterlily! Another beautiful waterlily in the Pom Pom Series! Strawberry Milkshake Hardy Waterlily is a creamy-pink waterlily. In addition to the beauty a water lily will add to your water garden, Water lilies also provide cover to your water feature, which will help keep algae growth down and protect your fish from predators! closed. Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily has a small 20 - 30 inch spread of pads and is just adorable in small ponds, as well as tub and container... Plant description Perry's Double Yellow Hardy Waterlily has lush, full, SHOWY DOUBLE BLOOMS, 6 - 7 inches across, in sumptuous shades of yellow. Nymphaea Perry's Almost Black Water Lily kit - Small Water Lilies - bareroot - Fish or Wildlife Pond and bog Aquatic Plants 4.1 out of 5 stars 157 £14.99 £ 14 . If growing in a cointainer in a lined pond be sure they are not overcrowded and split every 1 to 2 years. Tropical water lily. Closed Thanksgiving, Black Friday & … Cup-shaped blooms are 4" to 8" in diameter. Cut Lotus or Water Lilies for arrangements? The green lily pads are 4 - 6 inches in diameter. When you order your hardy lilies, don't be surprised when they arrive as bare-root plants without foliage. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Nymphaea 'odorata' is an excellent fast growing hardy waterlily. This dependable bloomer has been around for over 20 years and is always a customer favorite! The crown of the water lily (the growing end) should be placed towards the center of the planting container. Hardy Water Lilies will bloom continuously May thru September adding color, fragrance and provide shade and protection for your water garden inhabitants. Wanvisa Waterlily is a beautiful hybrid, from hybridizer Dr. Nopchai Chansilpa. Whether you are looking to spruce up your backyard or you have commercial size needs, we can help! The pink markings and striations in the petals are heavier than on the... Plant description Awesome  Hardy Waterlily is from our Waterlily Pom Pom Series, Awesome Hardy Waterlily one of the loveliest waterlilies we sell! The most popular color? Later we expanded into a florist shop. Use Current Location. The flowers are beautiful and unusual with striations of color throughout... Plant description Marliacea Albida Waterlily is a beautiful, white waterlily with bright yellow stamens that is simply stunning in its' simplicity. How to grow Australian Tropical Water Lilies! Josephine. It is best to plant tropical water lilies in a heavy clay garden soil. All water lilies are shipped bare-root. Sunny Pink Hardy Waterlily has attractive green pads that complement this waterlily nicely. The 4 - 5 inch pads of Ellisiana are green and oval in shape with a hint of red in the pads. Perry's Double Yellow Hardy Waterlily has... Plant description Sunny Pink Hardy Waterlily is a sweet, sunny shade of peachy-pink! A pygmy water lily that has pure white petals. The flowers on this beautiful specimen are absolutely delectable with high petal count and lush, full shape! Ewaterplant Sep 28, 2020 comments off. 99 Overview. HARDY WATER LILIES (nymphaea) Shop great deals on Water Lily Water Plant Seeds. Water temperatures should be at least 60 degrees before planting tropical water lilies in your water garden. It charges phones, speakers, cameras, battery banks, and even 12V devices, by generating power from rivers and streams. Tropical Water Lilies are easy-to-grow variety with impressive color, nice fragrance, pretty leaves, and the ability to adjust to the size … We carry Tropical Night Blooming Lilies, Hardy Water Lilies, and Tropical Water Lilies to name a few. We love them because when one bloom opens, another is usually pushing its way up to keep the display going for a large part of the year. Check Other Stores closed. The pads are solid green. They hold their fragrant blossoms high up out of the water and are available in a number of brilliant colors! As you can see from our descriptions, hardy water lilies come in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, and red, ranging in size from miniatures to huge flowers. Most Tropical Water Lilies can survive all year in zones 9 and 10. Planting instructions Plant this lovely specimen in heavy... Lily Pons Hardy Waterlily Plant Description Lily Pons Hardy Waterlily is a large waterlily with a 4 - 5 foot spread. Clyde Ikins Waterlily has large, beautiful flowers in sumptuous shades of yellow on young plants to orange-peach and apricot-pink on mature plants. Fertilize your water lily with aquatic fertilizer tablets  during growing months for best results. Hardy waterlilies are plants which will survive the cold winter temperatures provided the rhizome does not freeze. Elegant and sophisticated, this is a remarkable waterlily for medium to... Plant description Gypsy Waterlily is a splendid and refreshing shade of red on this outstanding, hardy waterlily. Tropical water lilies have a wider selection of colors to choose from, Tropical Lilies are fragrant, Hardy’s aren’t usually, and most have a larger spread than hardy water lilies. Lotus, Large Dry goods, & Fish / Tadpoles often ship separate from plants. Lilyblooms Aquatic Gardens 2447 State St NE Canton, OH 44721 1-800-921-0005 Simply Scrumptious! A good choice for natural ponds or medium to large water … Bog Plants or marginal plants along the edge of the water garden, stream bed or waterfall will give your pond a more natural look. Water lily and other aquatic plants are generally available between April and September. An excellent choice for medium to large ponds.  Planting instructions Plant in heavy loam... Paranee Waterlily Plant Description Paranee Waterlily, the wonderful, new, heavy blooming, winter hardy waterlily is here! Pond Megastore Pond Plants & Water Lilies is a leading distributor of pond plants, aquatic plants, trapdoor pond snails, and pond supplies. Give us a call at 979-773-0092 or send an email to Purchase your hardy water lilies from William Tricker, Inc. America's Oldest Water Garden est 1892. Its evergreen foliage makes it a year round favorite while the reliable late mid to late summer blooms never fail … A great choice for medium to large ponds. Pond Pumps, Filters, Liners, Heaters, Baskets. Pond plants purchased and shipped in the United States grown for homeowners and garden centers. Beautiful, cranberry colored outer petals with darker red inner petals that are simply sublime! Share on Facebook. The color selection available for hardy waterlilies are pink, red, … Even the heaviest of clay soils will work fine w the addition of a little sand (20%)and fertilizer. Planting Tropical Water Lilies: If you could kindly take a moment to select your state we can instantlyremove any listed invasive illegal plants in that state from viewThank you! With a stunning variety of colours and flowers, World of Water’s quality range of water lilies for sale both online and in-store will give you months of pleasure during the summer and really enhance the pond environment creating interest and texture in the deeper water section of your water garden. Again we expanded the business to include this … The lily pads on Perry's Double Yellow Hardy Waterlily are green and speckled and a perfect complement to this delightful waterlily! This waterlily is a hybrid of Latour-Marliac... Plant Description Clyde Ikins Hardy Waterlily is simply one of the very best waterlilies we sell! Tricker's has a supply that has adorned water garden pools for decades with true beauty! The scrumptious, cup shaped, flowers are in shades of lemon chiffon and glide upon the surface of the water. Pads on the Fay McDonald Waterlily are bronze and mature to green.... Fall & Winter: Monday-Thursday 10am - 2pm Central. Hardy Water Lilies & Tropical Water Lilies, Bog Plants, Tropical Bog Plants, Submerged Plants, Pond Supplies, Tadpoles, Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails and more all delivered to your door! The day-blooming varieties open several hours after sunrise and stay open until several hours before sunset.  Beautiful, full, lush, cup-shaped blooms... Plant description Cranberry Waterlily is a bold and exotic choice for the water garden, adding drama and intrigue. For detailed information and advanced tips and hints on how to use this resource, click here. Please read our. Water lily and Lotus in Thailand. Virginalis Waterlily is an elegant, white waterlily and a reliable bloomer.Virginalis Hardy Waterlily has crisp, white petals that form these amazing blooms! Garden Centers, Pond Installers, Growing with our customers. This is a large waterlily and a HEAVY BLOOMER! Moondance Waterlily blooms beautifully all summer long until frost. The hardy water lily is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Add that extra touch with tropical … Check your zone to see your location. 4 in. Aquatic plants and lillies in Phoenix, Arizona by The Backyard Pond, LLC. The waterlily pond … We have a large availability of water lilies. Choose from a variety of magnificent colors and browse everything from Pink Grapefruit to Odorata Hardy Water Lilies.
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