Crayfish need more space and water than that. Every type of fish has different needs. Young bluegill eat micro-scopic animals, while adults prey on insects, fish eggs, small crayfish, and occasionally small fish… So if you don’t have the option to separate them at the moment, you can try adding new tank mates and see what happens. Too, you want to stay away from fish that rest on the bottom at night. A 15 gallon tank is too small to keep even one crayfish. They eat more wide variety of food. Also known as crayfish, there are many varieties to choose from, such as the blue crayfish, Louisiana crayfish and dwarf crayfish. Barbs and danios make excellent tank mates for crayfish in … They can be purchased from many pet stores or caught in their natural habitat. There are hundreds of fish that can live with goldfish, so if you’re looking for new fish to add to your goldfish tank, there are plenty to choose from. But I suppose you could try. Helps reduce fish loss :) Tip: If you're a beginner, consider adding critters instead of other fish. Maybe the best way to keep aquarium crayfish is to set up a one-of-a-kind species tank. Pot Selection Material Pros Cons Timber Build yourself Heavy Rarely move/roll These fish can also be kept with angelfish. ); also called crawfish, crawdaddys, mudbugs, are pretty commonly offered by pond center retailers. You MUST get at least a 10-gallon tank if you're planning on getting other fish. Since they are wild they are better to be put back in the wild, as they differ from captivity crayfish. When considering an aquarium crayfish species tank, start with a tank at least 20 gallons (long) in size. I wouldn't keep any cichlids or bottom dwelling fish with a crayfish. 13 Best Tank Mates for Betta Fish Crayfish look like little lobsters, sporting very large front claws much like the Maine Lobster. To be sure, crayfish can add interest and a bit of plant and/or algae control to your pond. Aquarium Crayfish Need A Tank With Size. As well as being very tasty, they are a hardy fish that can cope with low water temperatures, making them a great option if you live in a colder climate. Crayfish are nocturnal and are likely to ambush sleeping fish. Betta Fish Need Space. Also use tap water conditioner. Crawfish are not difficult to keep in an aquarium, and they're interesting pets to watch. Crayfish for your pond (Procambarus sp. lific spawners and can quickly become stunted if suffi-cient numbers of bass are not present and/or the pond be-comes choked with vegetation. I would not put other with together with goldfish, although there are some tank mates that you can keep with them such as zebra danios, bristlenose plecos and white cloud minnows. Crayfish can be kept with fish just fine.....but care must be taken to pick the right fish. If you have a pond or lake nearby, you can fish them out and put them in your aquaponics system. Angels are not the right fish. Betta fish need ample space or they'll end up fighting and killing every living creature that gets in their way. Just read up on what crayfish eat. In this article we’ll provide you with our top tips for potting for crayfish (rock lobster), including what materials you need, what bait to use and other handy tips to help you catch more crays this year. However, not all fish will make the best goldfish tank mates. If you have any other questions, ask away. So, don't keep any fish with a crayfish that you really want to keep. Crayfish (especially non dwarf species) are likely to be aggressive towards fish that settle on the bottom (bottom feeders, or fish that sleep on the bottom).
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